Vitakap is the leading natural and organic products importer and distributor in Turkey. It has been successfully representing and exclusively distributing the products of well-known US and European Brands. Vitakap is the first company creating one stop shopping for certified organic and natural products. Vitakap’s sales channels include e-commerce, specialty retailers, leading national grocery and retail chains, leading national baby&mom products retail chains, and selected pharmacies.

Vitakap was established in 2011 by Bora Onen, Kemal Ozan Ozyoruk and Kemal Macit who have experiences in Pharmaceutical Industry, Health andBeauty, Retail. Vitakap works with experienced marketing and PR professionals to introduce new brands in Turkey. Vitakap invests in well planned nationwide marketing campaigns to achieve brand awareness and brand loyalty for each of its brands. Marketing channels of Vitakap includes, but not limited to, TV shows, magazines, outdoor marketing, social media, digital marketing, tradeshows and social events sponsorships.

'Ailem için Sağlık' (Health for my Family), created by Vitakap, offers the most healthy and reliable products for the whole family. '' is the e-commerce website which aims to provide award-winning brands; that includes certified natural and organic cosmetics, bio-based and organic cleaning products, nutritional supplementsthat are approved by globally accepted health organizations, leading personal care products, and organic baby clothing; to the customers in a safely and advantageously manner.